Filming is not only our main profile but also our hobby, which is why we strive for maximalism in our projects. Be it an image-, a reference- or even an advertising film.

If you want to introduce yourself and become known effectively and quickly, a video is the best choice. You can choose from a wide palette of video types, depending on what you want to use it for and what you want to show with it.

  • With an image film, you can showcase your company’s image, show your values and not least, increase your prestige.
  • A reference film focuses more on the company’s activities. It offers an insight into the details of your work, and has a documentary feeling to it.
  • An advertising film presents your company’s main activity in a minute tops. While TV has come to mind in the past, nowadays it has become commonplace to meet ads online. The text of a web page, or even images, are no longer effective forms of communication.

In these rapidly changing times, it is imperative that we tailor our advertising to current trends in order to find the best possible audience. The advantage of videos made for online interfaces over television is that it reaches a much larger audience, and in addition the target audience  might visit your company’s website, share it on social networking sites, further enhancing the marketing value of the video.

Many commercials are made for online viewing only. However, in the world of online video, there are many other types of films to think about. Viral video is a format that is becoming viral-like through web-sharing, primarily through video-sharing sites, social-network sites and with email. Viral videos are often humorous and not necessarily commercials per se. A viral video can be a music video clip or even a user-made home video.

Our youthful team is constantly developing themselves and striving to keep up-to-date so that we can make everything according to your needs, whether it is a low budget image film or a big budget TV spot.

We are full of ideas for every request. We are partners in every stage of the filmmaking, from brainstorming, to scriptwriting, and from the filming, to the post-production.



Would you like to introduce your new product or service but don’t know how to get started?

It is always a positive thing to do for a business to provide its customers with a new product as it is a sign of development. Such a situation also presents real challenges, as the novelty has to be presented in some form, thus encouraging customers to buy it.

If you would like to use a creative form to attract attention, entrust our experts with the production of an animation video! Nowadays, animation is the simplest, yet most spectacular, way for a business to showcase its innovation. In this case, you can unleash your imagination, because through animation any idea can be easily realized.

Animations are completed in a short time, thanks to the expertise of our specialists, so you don’t have to wait too long to showcase your business to the public.

Choose an up-to-date and creative form of product presentation, animation!


We mainly take pictures of events where the most important thing is to be able to convey the mood of the event through the pictures, because a good photographer is always present at the best moments.

We also undertake corporate photography to showcase your business, activities and products. If you want a consistent look, we also offer portrait photography whether for business or casual, studio or live.

Product photography

Product photography is an essential part of a webshop. Plus, it can come in handy for any advertising material, whether it’s a company introduction or a marketing campaign. These photos are usually with a transparent background, so they can be used in many ways for later use as posters, banners, etc.

The better a product photo, the easier it is to sell the offered product. Therefore we recommend it to anyone who deals in something tangible and would like to present their product nicely.


aerial photography

We only voted for DJI’s drones, which are the world’s number one drone distributors. This way we can guarantee the best quality of our aerial videos. With our latest drone, we are able to fly indoors, such as in industrial halls and factories, so we can showcase your activity from a new perspective.

You can also trust us to take aerial photos. Our Phantom 4 Pro camera is capable of recording in 4K quality and our drone photos have a resolution of 20 MP. It doesn’t really like rain and too much wind, but it can handle itself if it’s 25 km/h at most.

Documenting constructions

Nowadays – thanks to drones – it can be very impressive to document any construction, with both still and moving pictures. Interesting perspectives can be approached from a height, or spectacular timelapses can be captured if documented at the same intervals. Whether it is condominiums, industrial halls, or the construction of factories, we prepare documentation from the foundation stone to the opening ceremony. This allows your partners and buyers to keep track of the status of their prospective property and thus you can offer an extra service.

weblap készítés

web design

As we build your website, we make sure we get the most out of your plans. Our experts also do search engine optimization (SEO) while building your website, if you would like it.

After preliminary discussions, we will keep in touch with you during the planning process and give you the opportunity to make changes. While fully satisfying your specific needs, we strive to highlight the tools we can use to contribute to your cost-optimization efforts.

online marketing

social media

Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. These are the 3 largest social media platforms where most of your customers get the news of the world on a daily basis and their buying habits are determined by the content they see here. Social media lets you communicate directly with your customers or prospective customers.

To use social media at a high level, you need to be aware of two important things. One is that this is a constantly changing area where rules can change daily. On the other hand, managing it can be time-consuming and tedious, as you always have to post something new and exciting with photos or videos, answering questions and comments, etc. The basis for everything is the right content: Target your audience and fit in with your other communication channels (web page, webshop, etc.).

We take over this task from you so you don’t have to waste your valuable time on Facebook. After knowing your services, we can continue to produce interesting and exciting articles, posts and videos for your consumers. But in any case, you need to know that we will not do it for you, but with you!

We make your job easier by not having to keep in touch with marketing, photography, graphic and film professionals, because we are absolutely capable of combining the benefits of all the services in one go for the most effective results.

Our experts build a strategy for you to build a positive and reciprocal relationship with your clients and to make your company “social”.

About our services individually:


Operating Facebook fan sites
It is now evident that the quality of a Facebook page is not only determined by the number of fans, and that mindless like-pursuing does not match the power of community building. The most important thing in the whole process is to operate efficiently: moderating, monitoring, consulting, even full management, analyzing statistics.

Facebook advertising campaigns
Not all the same if you pay €1 per click or just € 0.1. Together with the client, we will work out the campaign model that best fits the task and we make sure that we attract as many audiences as possible from that amount.


Other social media solutions
We know that not only Facebook exists in the world. We strongly recommend YouTube and Instagram, but you can use Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or even Foursquare if you want it or if the project requires it!

Consulting, auditing
Many times when you are in a project for too long, you do not notice the problems in front of your nose, but an outsider can immediately stumble upon them. Therefore, it is useful and necessary that you periodically review your work as we uncover strengths and weaknesses during an audit and recommend the latter to be removed.


Creating a website
We will help you if you need more than just social networking, creating open source (wordpress) simple websites, optimizing for desktop and mobile devices.

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Operating Facebook fan page, advertisement managing,
Instagram, Operating Youtube, Content production (photo, video),
Website creation

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Operating Facebook fan page, advertisement managing,
Instagram, Operating Youtube, Content production (photo, video),
Website creation, Blogging

Phoenix Mecano Kft.

Operating Facebook fan page, advertisement managing,
Instagram, Operating Youtube

device rental

You have an awesome script idea, you have the script, the crew is ready, but you lack the equipment to shoot with?

Rent photography and filming equipments from us! Check out our list of devices below and send an email to berles@somosmedia.hu describing the names of the products you want to rent and when you want to use them.

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