Our studio is made up of enthusiastic young people who are constantly looking for opportunities to develop further. We have a fresh mindset and vision, and we all love and demand diverse and creative situations. We can come to fruition truly in these kind of projects.

The immediacy of our team is that we make the most of our work and we do it with a smile. We like to meet new people, and whenever we encounter difficulties during our work, we always try to see the positive in it. We consider every complex filming as a challenge. No matter how difficult the situation is, we always adapt to it and we try to ultimately create a masterpiece. So whatever your idea of a movie can be, you can put it into action with us.

For big-budget commercials we have the opportunity to work with other film teams. We are currently using our Black Magic URSA mini pro cinema cameras and Nikon’s high end DSLRs the most. In addition, we have the ability to work with our various camera moving devices and light equipment.

about the company

Somos Media Bt. was established in Kecskemét in 1993 and it has been located there ever since. Because of this, most of our orders are provided by local large international companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Knorr-Bremse Brake Systems, Kuehne + Nagel and more. Requests are received from all parts of the country though, but in some cases foreign orders are also flowing through subsidiaries of global companies.

Our main profile is film production, and within this we undertake the production of commercials, image films or even animation films. We are partners in every stage of the filmmaking, from brainstorming, to scriptwriting, and from the filming, to the post-production.

With our online marketing service, we help our sales and marketing partners, who could be even you! You can use this service to reach relevant masses and customers, which can significantly boost your business traffic. This method is the future of corporate marketing as it is much more targeted, measurable and significantly cheaper than even a TV commercial.

In our well liked service we also pay close attention to the management of some or all of your social networking sites. We prepare the script based on pre-set goals and tailor it to the needs of our customers. The finished videos will be published online platforms and we can even advertise them.

Our company also deals with photography, where we mainly shoot events (company events, shows, concerts, etc.) where the most important thing is to be able to convey the mood of the event through the pictures. We also undertake portrait photography, whether for business or everyday appearance.

Our company is constantly evolving, which is evidenced by the fact that we are getting more and more sales every year. As part of our ongoing development, we are expanding both our equipment pool and our team. We have always paid great attention to technological innovation and expanding our services. In 2018, we added 2 Blackmagic cinema cameras to our fleet, which enables us to maintain our regional leadership in filmmaking.

Bálint Somos


 “I’m lucky because my job is both my hobby and my passion! After 7 years of international film and photography career, I moved back to Hungary. ”

Réka Birizdó

photo / drone

“I have been on the team since 2015, when I bought my first drone. I’ve always been a gadget maniac and I love doing this.
In addition to my job, I also do a university degree in Trade & Marketing. “

Dávid Knoll


“I am the shiniest sunshine cinematographer who loves making movies. Ever since I am over 18, I became an adult. ”

Roland Rigó


“I started working on website development at the age of 14.
After a few years of experience as a casino dealer, I decided to follow my passion for the web. I spend most of my time working with Photoshop, CSS and web interfaces. I recently got married and I live in Kecskemét. “

Balázs Zahorecz


“I have been dealing with digital media and advertising since 2011. I also earned my diploma in this field in 2018.
I’m lucky because I can practice both of my passions by doing business development in the international arena besides marketing. “

Denis Birizdó


“Me and my mom, Réka, joined the team together when they found out they didn’t have a receptionist yet. What I love most about my job is being able to meet new people who I greet in a very friendly way. I always get excited when I hear the bell. “